A beauty with beauty talents

beautiful Rima!

Meeting this beautiful and talented woman was one of the highlights of my week! A good friend had introduced Rima and I at our children’s school, and after having a quick conversation in the stairwell at drop off, we planned a coffee date to chat about about our creative passions.

Rima is a self taught make-up artist and has been doing make-up for friends and family for a while. She recently started doing freelance work for clients and has come to find that this creative talent she has may be a great transition from her career as a professor with her expanding family. Danielle came over to capture her work to share with you all and we were blown away with what Rima taught us….

checking out my collection

She had me empty out the contents of my make-up case (or face box as my kids call it) and she asked me to pull aside items that I don’t use often, have had for a long time, or anything I had a question about. I admit that I am a bit of a make-up junkie, so this process was helpful for me to see what I really use on an everyday basis and that the lipstick I used on our wedding day, 8 years ago,  was not suitable to wear anymore since it had gone “bad”. Yes, it had that “wow this is a really old lipstick” smell to it, but you can understand the sentiment of keeping your wedding day lipstick right?

useful info

clean out

 I took this cleaning out process seriously and Danielle had to tell me a joke and bribe me with a coffee to pose for this before picture.



teaching me tricks

Every step with Rima was so informative. She would stop to tell me what she had done during and after the application to make sure I understood how to replicate the technique on my own. We did a color match for foundation, tricks for dark spots in the corner of my eyes near my nose, proper blush application so you don’t create a line or the famous “clown circle” on your cheekbones, tips for a fuller eyebrow, lining a lip for a more finished look- all these things I’ve seen or read about in magazines but are sometimes hard to mimic without the proper guidance.

checking out the changes

She used things I had in my makeup case too, which is another reason why she’s amazing. It can be overwhelming going to a makeup counter on your own and sitting down to a makeover where you have to purchase a minimum dollar amount in products. Let’s be honest, most of us have stuff in our makeup bags that we never use because it was something we felt obligated to buy and now can’t return.  She’s not there to sell you product, but to teach you how to use what you have IF it’s the right product for you.  This lipstick is one of my favorite colors, and she showed me that by adding a complementary liner that it creates a more finished look.

pucker up

I always have a problem in the summer matching my pale face and neck to my tan chest and arms…she perfectly matched a bronzer to my skin tone that got rid of that “floating head” problem that is so obvious in photos.

match up


This finishing spray was magical and felt so refreshing. I’ve always seen people use it, but was nervous about it making my make-up settle in to my pores. Rima taught me that it does the opposite, and eliminates the “cakey” look you can get after a few hours of wearing your makeup.

setting spray

shadow shot

The finished look! A huge thank you Rima for giving me a fresh face, teaching me invaluable application skills, and making this process so relaxing and fun!


Danielle even jumped in, having Rima teach how to conceal dark circles. Yes, I agree- what dark circles?! We all have a different view of our trouble spots, Rima just has the talent to show you how to transform them into your best features.  Be sure to “like” and check out Rima’s Facebook page here, and then be sure to email her at rimaaranha@gmail.com to book your appointment! xo, Elana

touch up

gorgeous girl

 All images by Danielle Guenther Photography, except the last two of Danielle.:)

rhyme or reason

coffee and a book

what happened to humpty?!

short story

top details

the classics

All Images By Danielle Guenther Photography

Aritzia Top (similar style here), Anthropologie Shorts, Gerard Yosca cuff (similar style here), Nars “heat wave” lipstick