Beam me up “D”

Danielle and I ventured to the back end of Hoboken and found this beauty painted on the side of a building. I was hoping it would beam me up to tropical weather, but if that’s not gonna happen, I’ll try to stay comfortable and warm.

beam me up

Lacey legs

My leggings were a Christmas gift from James. He usually asks me for gift ideas for holidays and birthdays- but he found these on his own and I couldn’t wait to wear them and share them with you on this post. While patterned leggings may seem like a bold choice, pairing them with a casual and oversized top was the perfect way to turn them into an easy, any day outfit, especially when you’re craving comfort.  Check out a similar pair, here.


sneak peek

My headband is from Free People and believe it or not, it’s really warm. If you’re not a hat person, wearing one of these super soft and comfortable head bands is a great way to add an accessory to an outfit and stay warm. Here and here are two that I also love.

winter comfort

My sweatshirt is also by Free People. The simple 2-tone detail on the cowl and back panel of this sweatshirt makes it a bit cooler than your typical grey top. It also comes in other colors- check them out here. My bag is Rachel by Rachel Roy. Here’s another style I love.

cozy cowl

Hope you all are staying cozy and warm too! Thanks for reading!

snow shower