Slip and slide

Pleather, I mean vegan leather, leggings were a definite must for my fall wardrobe. Finding the right pair isn’t always an easy task. I knew I would never be able to pull off a pair that were completely made out of the shiny fabric that seems to add that lovely sheen to areas I’m specifically not trying to make anyone’s eyes travel to, but I love the look and idea of something that can dress up a graphic tee or plain oversized sweater without the cost of leather. I was so excited when I saw these faux leather front and fabric back pair.

pleather and plaid

I paired my new found purchase with this perfectly stylish, comfortable, versatile, and fun Kymerah jacket I purchased at Platform Boutique (in Hoboken) last fall. Thankfully it’s still available online, and I know the price tag might be a bit shocking, but when you unwrap that jacket and put it on over a pair of skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, black leggings, black pants, sweat pants, pajama pants, ok, you get the idea…I promise, you will love it. It’s a soft brushed flannel that is easily washable and it comes with a black leather belt that you can tie in a bow, or just tightly twist and knot around your waist. The asymmetrical hem adds a funky update to what could have been just another shawl collar jacket. It’s perfect for layering over a great blouse, tank or light sweater. I’m not sure just how much more I need to emphasize how amazing this piece is other than giving you my credit card number to order one for yourself, but that’s not gonna happen, so just trust me on this one. My necklace was an exciting find at the J Crew factory outlet. It was on sale and I then had a coupon to use on top of the great discount. It was one of those days when the shopping stars aligned perfectly.


My shoes are Just Cavalli and I had gotten them a few years ago for my brother and sister in law’s wedding in New Zealand. They are super comfortable (that might be a white lie), but are one of those pairs of shoes that gets to walk the Earth for very special occasions.

Disclaimer: wearing these pants out to dinner might result in your napkin slipping off your lap numerous times. It’s not because you may have had too many glasses of wine, but because they act as a sort of slip and slide if you will. Still, in my humble opinion, a fun piece to jazz up your fall wardrobe. Happy shopping.

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  1. Those shoes!

  2. Amazing look! What makes it even more fantastic is that it is vegan leather.

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