Hanging out in the Treehouse

As a kid I had always wanted a treehouse. Having a secret place to go to play had an appeal that I think any child can understand. Fast forward a few years and even though it may not be in the woods, I’ve found an amazing “Treehouse”. Noel Descalzi and Lisa Bruno have created a pop up Yoga shop above their Work It Out Studio location at 603 Willow and the experience will awaken and reset all your senses. One that even has a room full of thoughtfully selected items to shop from, some from local businesses!

ooh lookThis Treehouse has a room for Vinyasa flow yoga, a kitchen bursting with yummy treats and healthy snacks to enjoy after your class (the watermelon fresca salad is my fav!), a sun deck to relax and chat to a friend, and last but not least, a sweet boutique that is sure to have that perfect gift you might need for a friend’s upcoming birthday, or work out gear that will add some style to that drawer full of black spandex.

I picked out some of  my favorites and added them to what I was wearing:
the bag

 I loved the colors in this Sondra Roberts metal mesh clutch. ($104.00)

alo sweatshirt

 This sweatshirt by Alo, I can see quickly becoming my favorite. The mesh back adds a fun touch of detail and I can see it with pleather leggings, a graphic tee and a pair of sneakers for chic and comfortable weekend wear. (Element sweatshirt, $89.00)

trying it on

 I love this necklace from Aaraa, It adds a bit of bling to any outfit. ($25.00)


 These bracelets from Mango Tree are an easy way to add color to any outfit.  ($15.00)

bracelet stack

 I’m a sucker for layering bracelets, and this cute “Love” bracelet is so delicate. ($15.00)

ready to go

make a difference

I love the quote on this journal!

The rings are also from Aaraa (Midi ring $12.00, crystal ivy ring, $15.00)

all the pieces


noel and ICome check out the Treehouse for yourself! This Wednesday, from 7-9 pm the Treehouse is hosting a Brides and Bubbly event. (Click here for more info!)

A big thank you to Noel for allowing us to stop by and play dress up!


Cocktail anyone?

smile style

I have to admit that while I love getting dressed up, it all entails me planning out that “getting ready” time in a meticulous fashion around my 2 kids and James. While shoot days for SCF are some of my favorite days, they always seem to have a hectic start.  This day in particular was a hard start because Ethan was far off in his daydreams and didn’t want to get dressed even after asking him literally 23 times, Chloe insisted that the last pair of clean shorts I had laid out for her were too tight and not comfortable (she may or may have not worn dirty shorts to camp, don’t judge.), I had run out of pretzel goldfish for her lunch (travesty), and the banana that Ethan was begging for with his breakfast has gone waaay over ripe (insert stressed and unprepared Mom face here).

Fast forward to us finally making it into our car taking them to camp to find our street was closed and having work done on the gas lines. So I did what anyone late and already a bit stressed with the mornings events would do, and I drove down our one way street the wrong way only to find a giant tractor trailer truck in motion and trying to make a turn to also avoid our closed road. While I patiently waited behind the safety of the cones, the driver did an amazing job of getting his massive truck through the crazy car parked streets of Hoboken, nearly missing a telephone pole with about an inch to spare (I think I may have even clapped and said good job out loud) when he hit and demolished a park car on accident with the back of his truck. My heart sank for him and the owner of that smashed car and then I snapped out of my “hard” day and realized his just got harder.

in the bag

Now at this point in the day the kids were at camp, I was contemplating about adding pretzel goldfish and bananas to my shopping list and I had convinced Danielle to wander over to Jersey City to a FABULOUS, recently opened, insanely decorated, and yummy (pancetta wrapped sea scallops anyone?!) restaurant called Battello to showcase this look. Dear friends of ours had introduced us to this restaurant a few weeks prior and I was so wowed by the food, unique cocktails, the friendly staff and the views (it’s at Newport Marina) that I keep coming up with reasons to go here. If you’re in the area go check it out, it won’t disappoint and if it does, you probably need another one of their perfect cocktails. (I highly recommend the “shipwrecked”)

mirror mirror


stay a while


up here!

necklace detail


My jeans (click here) are AG’s from Anthropologie, my necklace (similar) and bag (click here) are also from Anthropologie. My t-shirt I bought last year  from Anthropologie (you might like this one) and my shoes are from last season at Zara. (try these!)

Here’s to wishing you a fabulous start to your day and if you’d like to grab a drink because you may need one after the day you’ve had, I’d be more than happy to meet you at Battello. ;) Thanks for reading and thanks to Battello and staff for allowing Danielle and I to snap these pics! xo, Elana